Fun Time Products Dave Stott's 'Ultim...

Dave Stott's 'Ultimate Prank Kit' is a hilarious assortment of classic gags and practical jokes guaranteed to entertain pranksters of all ages.


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Prank Gift Boxes

Our premium prank gift boxes transform any present into a side-splitting surprise, guaranteed to entertain and delight your loved ones.


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Adults Funny Inflatable Costume Props

Experience the ultimate party transformation with our Funny Inflatable Costume, effortlessly making you the centre of attention at any cosplay, dress-up party, or stage event.


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DIRTY WILLY MAN: The Iconic Flashing ...

Unleash uproarious laughter with the Dirty Willy Man, the ultimate gag gift that delights with its cheeky charm and comical antics, perfect for adding a touch of humour to Valentine's Day.


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Prank Gift Box - Baby's First Gamblin...

The Prank Gift Box - Baby's First Gambling Kit is a cleverly designed faux product box that transforms any gift into a memorable joke.


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Unique Golf-Themed Desk Pen Holder ...

This unique golf-themed desk pen holder set combines functionality and novelty, making it the perfect gift for golf enthusiasts who appreciate both humour and practicality in their office decor.


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Personalised Pet and Family Royal Por...

Personalised Pet and Family Royal Portrait


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We Used To Live In Your Balls Mug

This custom coffee mug for Dad is a humorous and sentimental gift, perfect for Father's Day or any special occasion, featuring the playful message "We Used To Live In Your Balls."


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Chicken Daddies Wall Calendar 2024

Dive into a year of laughter and quirky charm with the Chicken Daddies Swimsuit Edition Calendar, where feathered friends and fun meet fashion.


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