Gross Pranks

Wacky Fizz is not just your ordinary novelty store; it specialises in selling an extensive line of bizarre pranks and gifts that are sure to make your stomach twist in discomfort. From gag-inducing candies to shockingly realistic prank gadgets, every item in our inventory is handpicked to ensure it delivers a potent mix of shock, laughter, and downright grossness. Whether you're aiming to pull off the perfect April Fool's joke or seeking a gift that leaves a lasting impression, Wacky Fizz guarantees an unforgettable experience with our stomach-churning collection.

Cooking With Semen Gag Gift

Cooking With Semen Gag Gift


 103 saves    229

Loftus Fun Party Prank Poop

This ultra-realistic fake poo toy is perfect for hilarious pranks and novelty gifts.


 385 saves    483

Hot Dog Soap Set

This quirky Hot Dog Soap Set combines fun and functionality, making it a perfect gag gift or unique addition to any bathroom.


 25 saves    319

Shart Wipes Prank Gift

Guaranteed to bring a side-splitting reaction, these Shart Wipes make for a hilariously unforgettable present, perfect for those who appreciate a good prank.


 90 saves    262

ShartKit: The Ultimate Save...

The ShartKit is your discreet, all-in-one companion for those unexpected moments, offering peace of mind in a pouch.


 790 saves    980

Fake Poo Gross Prank

Ultimate Realistic Fake Poo Prank - Perfect for Movies, TV & Unforgettable Gags


 792 saves    1275

Prank Canned Food Label

Prank Canned Food Label


 34 saves    314

Things To Do While You Poo ...

This quirky, laughter-packed book promises to transform even the most mundane bathroom breaks into an amusing escapade of wit and humour.


 243 saves    302