Rude Pranks

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Quirky Office Humour Mug

This hilarious and cheeky mug is the perfect gift for a coworker, work friend, or as a unique Secret Santa surprise, sure to bring laughter to any office setting.


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Adult Prank Spoof Ice Cube ...

Adult Prank Spoof Ice Cube Mold


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Personalised Grill Master A...

Personalised Grill Master Apron


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Hilarious Wipes Tissue Pran...

Hilarious Wipes Tissue Prank - Funny Gag Gift for All Occasions


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Anal Bleaching - A step-by-...

This gag novelty gift is a blank notebook featuring a humorous fake cover titled "Anal Bleaching - A step-by-step guide to get the results you desire," perfect for pranking friends or adding a touch of comedy to any situation.


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Bob The Builder C*nts F*cke...

Bob The Builder C*nts F*cked Vinyl Sticker


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Hot Dog Soap Set

This quirky Hot Dog Soap Set combines fun and functionality, making it a perfect gag gift or unique addition to any bathroom.


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Unleash laughter and surprise with these hilariously small novelty condoms – the ultimate gag gift for your next party or festive celebration!


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50,000 Dick Pics Book

A humorous and deceptive notebook, ideal for jotting down thoughts or lists, with a cheeky title that promises mischief but delivers practicality.


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