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Wacky Fizz is not just your ordinary e-commerce retail destination; it's a veritable treasure trove for those seeking humorous gifts and playful pranks for a wide range of occasions. Whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to birthdays, bring laughter to wedding celebrations, inject a spooky fun factor into Halloween, or find the perfect quirky item for any other memorable event, Wacky Fizz has you covered. Our eclectic collection is carefully curated to ensure there's something uniquely amusing for everyone, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with a blend of humour and creativity.

Unique Golf-Themed Desk Pen...

This unique golf-themed desk pen holder set combines functionality and novelty, making it the perfect gift for golf enthusiasts who appreciate both humour and practicality in their office decor.


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Ali G Birthday Card - Funny...

This hilarious Ali G birthday card is perfect for any friend or family member who appreciates a good laugh and some cheeky banter on their special day.


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Hilarious Santa Claus Cigar...

Hilarious Santa Claus Cigarette Dispenser - Wooden Barrel Pop-Up Case


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Adorable Cheese Puff Compan...

Adorable Cheese Puff Companion - Perfect for Friends and Birthdays


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We Used To Live In Your Bal...

This custom coffee mug for Dad is a humorous and sentimental gift, perfect for Father's Day or any special occasion, featuring the playful message "We Used To Live In Your Balls."


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"Easy Day Rough Day" Humoro...

Celebrate life's ups and downs with this whimsical 350ml white wine glass, the perfect blend of humour and elegance for any occasion.


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Personalised Surprise Messa...

Discover the delight of personalised interaction with every sip from our custom phrase mug – a charming way to make every day special.


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Funny 50th Birthday Mug

This cheeky mug and coaster set is the perfect gift to celebrate hitting the big 5-0, blending humour with a bold statement for those proudly proclaiming their age with a defiant twist.


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18th Novelty Gift with message

Choco Banter: 18th Birthday Laugh-Out-Loud Chocolate Bar Wrapper


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