Elevate your bathroom privacy with our charming and functional "Do Not Disturb. I'm Pooping" Door Hanger. Say goodbye to unintentional interruptions and ensure your moments of solitude are respected. This amusing yet essential accessory sends a clear message to everyone around that it's time to wait. 🌟 Highlights: 🚪 Fits Every Door: Crafted to dangle flawlessly on any standard door knob, this door hanger is a simple yet effective solution for indicating that the bathroom is in use. Avoid the guesswork and unwanted surprises! The door hanger measures 190 x 80 mm.

💩 Whimsical Yet Practical Design: Add a dash of fun to your bathroom visits with our cheeky "pooping" message and engaging graphic. This playful design is sure to bring humor to what is usually an everyday routine, making each bathroom visit a bit more entertaining.

🕰️ Encourages Patience: This door hanger acts as a polite nudge for household members to exercise patience. Whether you're catching up on the latest news or scrolling through your feeds, this sign lets others know it's time to pause and wait.

🎁 Perfect for Any Occasion: In search of a gift that's both funny and useful? Our "Do Not Disturb. I'm Pooping" Door Hanger makes an excellent gift for birthdays, housewarming parties, or just a humorous surprise for dads and husbands alike.

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